Aanderaa has from the very beginning been known for its capability of supplying complex system solutions – often with a combination of submersible sensors and sensors in air, real time transfer of data via radio, GPRS or satellite and the data displayed on a single screen or via a web server.

The sensor platform may be a submersible data logger, a Current Meter or a Data Buoy on the surface.

The SmartGuard data logger is a versatile data logger that combines data from submersible sensors as well as sensors on land. The logger accepts different data formats from Aanderaa sensors as well as from sensors made by other suppliers.

Data & Specification Sheets

Advantages of SmartSub Observatory

Buoy Orientation Sensor

Conductivity Sensor 3919, 4119, 4120

Conductivity Sensor 4019

Conductivity Sensor 4319

GPRS Communication Unit 4043, 4143A, 4543A

Oxygen Optode 3835, 4130, 4175

Oxygen Optode 4330/4330F

Oxygen Optode 4531

Oxygen Optode 4831/4831F

Oxygen Optode 4835

Pressure Sensor 4017

Pressure Sensor 4117/4117R

SEAGUARD® O2 Oxygen Recorder


SEAGUARD® Platform

SEAGUARD® Recording Current Meter

SEAGUARD® String system

SEAGUARD® Water Level Recorder

SEAGUARD® Wave and Tide Recorder


Temperature Sensor 4060

Test Unit 3731

Turbidity Sensor 4112

Turbidity/Temperature Sensor 3712

Vented Pressure 4425/4426/4427, Vented Tide 4445/4446/4447, Vented Wave 4428

Wave and Tide Sensor 4648/4648R

ZPulse® Doppler Current Sensor 4420/4520, 4420R/4520R 4830/4930, 4830R/4930R

RCM Blue

Tide Sensor 5217/5217R

Wave and Tide Sensor 5218/5218R

SeaGuard RCM Basic

SeaGuardII DCP

Rainfall sensor 4628/4628H

SeaGuardII DCP Dual Head

Doppler Current Profiler Sensor (DCPS)

In-line DCS

Conductivity Sensor 4419R

In-line DCS 4100

MOTUS Wave Sensor 5729

Test Unit 5048



DCS Applications

RCM Blue flyer

SmartSub Observatory

Marine Transport Aanderaa

GeoView web based display

SeaGuardII DCP

Ocean and Coastal brochure

In-line DCS

Xylem MOTUS Wave Buoys Solutions

News & Press Releases

Sensors & Systems # 26

Sensors & Systems # 27

SeaGuard IW goes deeper!

Aanderaa news at a glance 1-2014


New products and product news June 2015

RCM Blue with pressure sensor

Certificate of Qualification

Product Change Notification

Aanderaa 50th anniversary timeline

SeaGuard with pCO2 at 2500m

Improved Marine Waters Monitoring in Bulgaria

EU Sheba Project

EU Sheba Project2

SeaGuards deployment in the Oeresund area, Sweden

Antifouling experiments at the Koljoefjord observatory

Recovery of equipment from World War II wreck

Ocean observatory in Isfjorden Svalbard

Monitoring around World War II munition dump sites

EGU 2017

EnvriPlus 2017

Final field work in wind platform project in the Baltic Sea

AquaNet—standardized infrastructure for Lake Mesocosm studies

MOTUS Wave Buoys Exceed Expectations

Sea to Space with NASA: use Aquaoptodes in Photosynthetron

MOTUS passes the ultimate test

Monitoring Japanese earthquake zones

Newsflash Oceanology International 2018

Glider–Unmanned ocean vehicles: tools for the development of ocean industries

SeaGuard records 1014 days of data at Hawaiian deep-water coral site

First MOTUS Wave Buoy deployment in the Mediterranean Sea

Flexible MOTUS Buoys chosen by major dredging operator

Application Notes

Multiparameters observations for coastal monitoring

Koljoefjord observatory Coastal Circulation and Hypoxia

Carbon Capture and Storage

Coastal Systems - Project Portfolio

Offshore wind power: Wind Turbine Platforms (Wind-Tu-Pla)

Surface Water Measurements from Mobile Platforms

Water Current Info at Helsingborg Harbour

Aquaculture Pens in Tasmania, Australia

Technical Notes

CSP explained

Oxygen Optode Calculations

TN 354 Deployment preparations for SeaGuard shallow water

SeaguardII Power Calculator

Articles & Papers

Hypox article

The Koljoefjord Observatory

Aanderaa Data Instruments and NIVA contribute to Safeport project

Long-term stability and accuracy of Aanderaa oxygen optodes

Kolje Fjord Observatory - YSI EXO2 and AADI SeaGuard

The incredible adventure of the UNCW lander

Fugro GEOS talks about SeaGuard RCM

CO2 storage, a solution in the blue?

Ronne-Filchner ice shelf in Antarctica

Long-term observations of carbonate system dynamics

CO2 detection from underwater storage site

Effects of resuspension in the Baltic Sea

Effects of simulated natural and massive resuspension in Loch Creran, Scotland

Calibration and stability of O2 sensors on floats

Performance of CO2 optode

Modeling metabolism in a montane stream

Optode calibration system and sensor verifications

A method for in-situ calibration of Aanderaa O2 sensors on surface moorings

Oxygen variability, sediments, fish farms, Scotich Loch

Seasonal and interannual variations - Posidonia metabolism

Hyperbaric Fish incubator

Continuous measurements of net production

CO2 and O2 measurements on floats - air calibration

Optodes in a Ferrybox system

The Land/Ocean Biogeochemical Observatory

Redfield ratio in real time from buoys

Sensor networks for aquatic environment

Nitrate supply from deep to near-surface waters

Trends in marine dissolved oxygen

Air‐sea gas transfer velocity for oxygen derived from float data

Optodes Argo floats

The Ocean takes a deep breath

Anomalies of oxygen measurements

Hyporheic process dynamics: hydroecological studies

Hyporheic zone processes: salmonid embryo survival

Hyporheic hydrochemistry in salmon spawning gravels

Long-term oxygen monitoring

Productivity of a coral reef

New calibration equation for Oxygen Optodes

Community production in euphotic zone of subtropical North Pacific gyre from glider surveys

The Argo-oxygen program

Oxygen Optodes on crab pots

Gas exchange system

Use of plastic materials in oxygen-measuring systems

A climatology-based quality control oxygen floats

Evaluation of a lifetime-based Oxygen Optode

Phosphorus recycling in sediments - Baltic Sea

Benthic phosphorus dynamics - Baltic Sea

Measurements of pelagic respiration with Oxygen Optodes

Synoptic forcing of wave states in Chukchi Sea, Alaska - nearshore

Synoptic forcing of wave states in Chukchi Sea, Alaska - offshore

Long‑term monitoring of bottom environments, Japan

Ocean wave conditions in Chukchi Sea, Alaska from satellite and in-situ

Influence of seasonal sea ice conditions

Waves, currents and sea level variations - Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea

Currents and waves measurement and modeling - Gulf of Riga, Baltic Sea

SeaGuardII DCP: innovation in Doppler Current Profiling and Observatory Technology

Intercomparison of acoustic current meter measurements low/moderate flow region

Performance of a SEAGUARD® RCM on a test mooring off the Nova Scotian shelf

Measuring currents in demanding environments - SEAGUARD RCM

Four Current Meter models compared in strong currents

Oxygen Optode and calibration info, 2014

Gas tables

Drilling into the Abyss

Use of multiple sensor technologies for quality control of in situ

In situ observations of ocean productivity using the SeaCycler mooring

Connecting Upper Ocean Dissolved Gas Measurements from Gliders and a Profiling Mooring

Sustainable management of oil polluting wrecks and chemical munitions dump sites

Sailing the Baltic Sea


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SEAGUARD® Platform

ZPULSE Doppler Currrent Sensor ZPulse - 4420-4830-4520-4930

RCM Blue

Oxygen Optode 4330, 4835 and 4831

Presure 4117, Tide 5217, Wave and Tide 5218


SeaGuard II Platform

Oxygen Optode 4531

Conductivity Sensor 4319

Doppler Current Profiler Sensor, DCPS

Primer DCPS

Data Studio 3D

In-line DCS 5800/5810

MOTUS Wave Sensor 5729


Oeresund marine environment - Benthic Quality Index

In-situ monitoring around wrecks and dump sites - Baltic/North Sea

Glider payload sensors

SeaGuardII DCP: innovation in Doppler Current Profiling and Observatory Technology

Real-time communication

Safeport: on-board visualization of hydro-meteorological effects on ferries - Port of Gdynia, Poland

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