Systems may include sensors and equipment such as:

Metorological measurements

  • Wind
  • Air temprature
  • Air pressure
  • Visibility
  • Precipitation
  • Relative humidity

Oceanographic measurements

  • Current speed & direction in many layers
  • Water level
  • Significant wave hight
  • Wide range of parameters available


  • Vented tide sensor
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Pressure sensors
  • Doppler current sensor (DCS)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Turbidity sensor

Data buoy

  • Wind
  • Air temperature
  • Air Pressure
  • Visibility
  • Precipitation
  • Relative humidity

SmartGuard datalogger

  • LAN, serial and USB via cable, AIS, VHF, GPRS
  • Aanderaa sensors
  • Most 3rd party sensors
  • Metadata stored and transmitted allowing full tracebility

Safe Navigation

  • Current speed and direction in multiple depths from surface to seabed.
  • Continuous monitoring of vital parameters at sea and in air.
  • Real-time sea and air parameters are distributed by the AIS system.
  • Secure docking and improved cargo handling.
  • All information available in one real-time web display application.

Environmental Monitoring

  • Sediment movement and dredging planning.
  • Monitor ocean health and oxygen concentration.
  • Expandable platform for additional environmental parameters.
  • Data stored in SQL database for further analysis.
  • Dynamic tracking of oil spill pollution.
  • Critical information to stakeholders after natural disasters or accidents at sea.

Improve Port Efficiency

  • Provide Harbour Master with a complete real-time overview of conditions affecting traffic.
  • Historical data is valuable for research, science discharge permitting.
  • Full control of vital parameters when loading/unloading to achieve max efficiency.
  • Lower insurance cost against environmental, docking and operation damage.
  • Proof and documentation in insurance claims.

Data & Specification Sheets

MOTUS Wave Sensor 5729

Test Unit 5048 or DCS ZPulse

Buoy Orientation Sensor

Conductivity Sensor 3919, 4119, 4120

Conductivity Sensor 4019

GPRS Communication Unit 4043, 4143A, 4543A

Oxygen Sensor 5730/5730O

Oxygen Optode 3835, 4130, 4175

Oxygen Sensor 4330/4330F

Oxygen Optode 4531

Oxygen Sensor 4831/4831F

Oxygen Sensor 4835

Pressure Sensor 4017

Pressure Sensor 4117/4117R

SeaGuardII DCP Wave


SEAGUARD® Recording Current Meter

SEAGUARD® String system

SEAGUARD® Water Level Recorder

SEAGUARD® Wave and Tide Recorder


Temperature Sensor 4060/4060R

Wave and Tide Sensor 4648/4648R


RCM Blue

DB1750 Buoy Platform

Optical Turbidity Sensor 4296

Tide Sensor 5217/5217R

Wave and Tide Sensor 5218/5218R

MOTUS Wave Height Sensor 6729

MOTUS Lite OEM Sensor 4729

SeaGuardII DCP

Rainfall sensor 4628/4628H

SeaGuardII DCP Dual Head

Doppler Current Profiler Sensor (DCPS) 5400/5402/5403

In-line DCS

In-line DCS 4100


MOTUS Wave Buoys flyer


DCS Applications

Aanderaa Wave Solutions

SeaGuardII DCP Wave Flyer

Motus Stand-Alone flyer

RCM Blue flyer

Acoustic Doppler Current Meters

AADI Real-Time Communication System

GeoView web based display

SeaGuardII DCP

Complete Monitoring Solutions

In-line Zpulse DCS

News & Press Releases

EOL109 Aanderaa MET Sensors

MOTUS Wave Buoys Exceed Expectations

MOTUS passes the ultimate test

First MOTUS Wave Buoy deployment in the Mediterranean Sea

Flexible MOTUS Buoys chosen by major dredging operator

Mission Completed – MOTUS validation in open seas

Oxygen Optodes Get Even Better

Stability record for oxygen optodes

Navigational Buoy serving a dual purpose

Coral reef monitoring in the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park, Singapore

Accurate directional waves with adaptive broadband - SeaGuardII DCP Wave

Mipeg X - Reaching the limit

MOTUS Buoy deployed in North Africa

Virtual Free Live Sessions

SmartGuard Weather Station Upgrade

MOTUS Buoy Network in North Africa

New MOTUS Sensor Versions


RCM Blue with pressure sensor

EU Sheba Project

EU Sheba Project2

Application Notes

Surface Water Measurements from Mobile Platforms

Water Current Info at Helsingborg Harbour

Aquaculture Pens in Tasmania, Australia

Brazilian port chooses MOTUS Wave Buoy

The Norwegian Coastal Administration ensures safe navigation

Aanderaa DataStudio3D

High Quality Currents from Surface and Bottom Platforms

The Port Of Fujairah ensures safe navigation

Autonomous bottom landers - Study processes at the seafloor by incubation technique

Baltic Deep Water Life

Coastal Systems - Project Portfolio

Technical Notes

MOTUS Stand-Alone: MOTUS Buoy Integration Consideratons

Oxygen Optode Calculations

Articles & Papers

MOTUS Wave Buoys white paper

Best practices — Aanderaa Oxygen Optodes

MOTUS Wave Buoys white paper — Data validation

SeaGuardII DCP Wave white paper

Hypox article

Use of technology for safer marine navigation, case study


MOTUS Wave Sensor 5729


SEAGUARD® Platform

TD266 ZPULSE DCS 4420-4830-4520-4930

RCM Blue

Oxygen Optode 4330, 4835 and 4831

Pressure 4117, Tide 5217, Wave and Tide 5218


SeaGuard II Platform

Doppler Current Profiler Sensor, DCPS

Theoretical Primer DCPS

Data Studio 3D

In-line DCS 5800/5810


MOTUS presentation

Accurate Wave Measurement Guide

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