Load and moment sensor
The load and moment sensor(s) provide frequency modulated electrical signals which are proportional to the hook load on main and/or whip lines or the tipping moment of the crane. The sensor is certified according to Atex II 2 GD EExd IIB T6 for use in hazardous zone 1 and is compensated for operation in temperatures from -20 to +80 deg C. Signal transmission is immune to electro magnetic interference and the sensor can withstand a ten-fold permissible overload without loss of performance. The sensor is sealed to IP67.

Boom angle sensor
The boom angle sensor or inclinometer is a gravity based sensor and is certified according to Atex II 2 GD EExd IIB T6 for use in zone 1 areas. The enclosure is of galvanised cast iron, sealed to IP66.

Operator's display
This display is back lit for night operation and shows on digital displays:

  • Safe working load (SWL)
  • Actual load
  • Sea condition
  • Hook radius
  • Rope falls
  • Time & date
  • % of memory used and on a large analogue scale
  • Hook load as a percentage of SWL

Alarm lights, providing a clear and continous warning indicating that the preset limits, typically 95% (yellow light) & 110% (red light) of permitted load, have been exceeded, are incorporated into the display.

Push buttons are provided to change no. of falls, sea condition and to activate test functions and optional features. The unit is certified II 2G EExia IIB T4 according to the Atex standard for use in hazardous zone 1 and sealed to IP65.

Computer cabinet
The microcomputer is housed in a steel box. Easy access to the electronics is obtained through the hinged front door. The box contains the sensor interface, micro computer and solid state circuitry to interface with the display and crane alarm/control intputs and outputs. (Zone 1 version is housed in a galvanised cast iron box).

The system will store data for all crane curves and thereby cater for all sea state and reeving configurations. Retention of this data is unaffected by loss of power.

The system operates on a 24 V D.C. supply. A power conversion unit for other voltages can be provided to suit customers electrical supply.

The unit is sealed to IP66 and certified to II 3G EEx nC IIC T4 for use in hazardous zone 2. (Zone 1; verson is sealed to IP66 and certified II 2(1)G EExd d(ia)IIB T6). Operating temperature for both versions are -20 to +50 degrees C (-4 to +122 degrees F).

Crane monitoring
The MIPEG 2000 combines safety with crane maintenance through the recording facility built into the system. The system records and stores accumulated data from start of operation and data for each individual lift as: Dynamic and static hook load Dynamic and static over turning moment Radius and no. of falls Sea condition and duration of the lift Other operational data as requested. The data is stored in a lap-top PC and using the COREP evaluation program the data may both be used as input to the crane maintenance program as well as incident investigations.

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