Standard sensors included with SeaGuard CTD include:

  • Conductivity Sensor 4319B: Accuracy +/- 0.0018 S/m
  • Pressure Sensor 4117: Accuracy +/- 0.02% of Full Scale

For temperature there are 3 options:

  • Temperature from 4319/4117: Accuracy +/-0.1°C, response time <10s.
  • Temperature Sensor 4060: Accuracy +/-0.03°C, response time <2s.
  • Special calibrated 4060: Accuracy +/-0.01°C, response time <2s.

Three platforms are available:

  • SeaGuard CTD SW - for depths down to 300m
  • SeaGuard CTD IW - for depths down to 3000m
  • SeaGuard CTD DW - for depths down to 6000m

Each platform may be equipped with optional smart sensors either on the top-end plate or via cable away from the recorder Different mooring and battery solutions are also available.

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