Three platforms are available:

  • SeaGuard O2 SW - Depth rating max 300m
  • SeaGuard O2 IW - Depth rating max 3000m
  • SeaGuard O2 DW - Depth rating max 6000m

Combined with the powerful Seaguard datalogger platform, this combination allows you to do sample the oxygen content down to once each two seconds for long periods storing data on inexpensive SD-cards for easy retrieval and data analysis.

As optional features, a complete CTD package may be included. This allows you to calculate the true oxygen content and saturation. The user may select between a wide range of framing and deployment features, real-time communication facilities and storage capabilities.

Data & Specification Sheets

Oxygen Optode 4330/4330F

Oxygen Optode 4835

SEAGUARD® O2 Oxygen Recorder

SEAGUARD® Platform


Offshore Oil and Gas

News & Press Releases


Certificate of Qualification

Aanderaa 50th anniversary timeline

SeaGuard with pCO2 at 2500m

Antifouling experiments at the Koljoefjord observatory

Newsflash Oceanology International 2018

SeaGuard records 1014 days of data at Hawaiian deep-water coral site

Monitoring World War II chemical dump sites

Application Notes

Multiparameters observations for coastal monitoring

Technical Notes

Oxygen Optode Calculations

Articles & Papers

Kolje Fjord Observatory - YSI EXO2 and AADI SeaGuard

Effects of resuspension in the Baltic Sea

Effects of simulated natural and massive resuspension in Loch Creran, Scotland

Calibration and stability of O2 sensors on floats

Performance of CO2 optode

Modeling metabolism in a montane stream

Optode calibration system and sensor verifications

A method for in-situ calibration of Aanderaa O2 sensors on surface moorings

Oxygen variability, sediments, fish farms, Scotich Loch

Seasonal and interannual variations - Posidonia metabolism

Hyperbaric Fish incubator

Continuous measurements of net production

CO2 and O2 measurements on floats - air calibration

Optodes in a Ferrybox system

Redfield ratio in real time from buoys

Sensor networks for aquatic environment

Trends in marine dissolved oxygen

Air‐sea gas transfer velocity for oxygen derived from float data

Optodes Argo floats

The Ocean takes a deep breath

Anomalies of oxygen measurements


Oxygen Optode 4330, 4835 and 4831

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