Power Supply:
Nominal 24 Vdc power (18-36 Vdc), 2.1 A or
Solar Panel/Battery operation, 12 Vdc or
110-230 Vac, 50-60 Hz available

The system can consist of multiple Master 3 Cards each equipped with:

Crane/Application Interface:

Switch inputs: 16 limit switches/change-over digital switches, ie Hoist- and Slew limits Rigging switches, Personnel/Man Riding selection switches and other programmable inputs to the Mipeg X logic.
(Relay kick-out):

16 programmable outputs to control solenoids, alarms and other 3rd party equipment and logic such as PLCs

Analog inputs: 8 channels, programmable to monitor analog transducers/ project specific requirements
Range: 0-10 Vdc signals or
4-20 mA (0-20 mA) signals
Analog outputs:

6 channels, programmable to project specific requirements
Range: 0-10 Vdc signals or 4-20 mA (0-20 mA) signals

Load sensor input: 4 frequency S-Sensor input channels
CANbus: To connect 4 absolute encoders inputs

RS485 Modbus to the main display
2x RS232 for test equipment and
communication to PLC logics and 3rd party equipment

Operating temperature:   -20oC to +50oC ( -4oF to + 122oF)
3rd party approved: To ingress protection IP66 (NEMA 4X), IECEx and Atex zone 2 certified

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