RCM Blue: The pressure is on!

Successful deployment of SeaGuardII DCP in the Adriatic Sea

The Quick-Clamp solution for SeaGuard is now available!

MIPEG 2000 Safe Load Indicator Monitoring System

Meets world wide Government requirements for crane safety!

Upgrade your weighing system!

We currently offer you a discount when you trade in your Loadtronic 2 with our efficient Loadtronic 3 or 3E scales.

Contact us for further information!

Real-time Hyd/Met Systems for Ports and Harbours

Meteorological and Oceanographic measurements with Real-time Communication

Monitoring system for aquaculture

More useful data for fishfarmers!

Upgrade your Weather Station by exchanging the Data Logger

Transform the weather station into a smart data hub with extended features, high speed output and full traceability. Free upgrade kit with power converter and cable for converting mast cable to SmartGuard input when trading in your 3634 or 3660 logger.