1. Easy to use, regardless of the applications chosen
  2. Flexible - any type of instrument
  3. Accuracy and reliability = reliable solutions
  4. Easy to retrieve, e.g. changing batteries
  5. Data can be retrieved in an affordable and easy way, also providing fresher data
  6. Fresher data to work on
  7. More economic because it costs less to retrieve data
  8. Faster, cheaper, more efficient and effective
  9. Sensors need not only be mounted internally, but can also be mounted externally
  10. At least 10 different instrument packages can be connected e.g. SEAGUARD® is 1 package, Tsunami another
  11. Everything is collected in a single package
  12. Aanderaa make everything ready for installation - easy to install
  13. Adapted for depth
  14. Opportunities for parameters based on customer needs
  15. Equipment is well protected in a framework
  16. Tracking system when it surfaces
  17. Wireless transmission - without cables
  18. Instruments/sensors are protected
  19. Long life/operation time

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