Environmental monitoring systems
Know the marine environment with continuous monitoring below the surface. Optimize feed control, remote operation, regular and mandated reporting, and improve fish welfare.


Site survey systems
Rest assure that site surveys are successful by using robust instruments with high data-return rate fulfilling NS9415 and other national standards


Tank based aquaculture
Have trust in our sensors to ensure the fine balance in tank based aquaculture is maintained. Whether you need to monitor by the water quality by the inlet or outlet, understand flow, oxygen condition or simply need to figure out the currents in the tank.


Data & Specification Sheets

MOTUS Wave Sensor 5729

Conductivity Sensor 4319

Oxygen Optode 4531

SeaGuardII DCP Wave

SEAGUARD® Recording Current Meter

ZPulse® Doppler Current Sensor 4420

RCM Blue

Aanderaa Optical Turbidity Sensor

Conductivity Sensor 5819

Doppler Current Profiler Sensor (DCPS) 5400


MOTUS Wave Buoys flyer

Aanderaa Wave Solutions

SeaGuardII DCP Wave Flyer

Aquaculture flyer: Current sensors — Monitor forces beneath the surface

Kjenn kreftene under overflaten

Motus Stand-Alone flyer

GeoView web based display

News & Press Releases

MOTUS Wave Buoys Exceed Expectations

Sea to Space with NASA: use Aquaoptodes in Photosynthetron

Oxygen Optodes Get Even Better

Water circulation in Wintershine fish tanks

Coral reef monitoring in the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park, Singapore

Aqua sensor is best in test — recommended by The Linde Group

The ocean is losing its breath

Accurate directional waves with adaptive broadband - SeaGuardII DCP Wave

Virtual Free Live Sessions

SmartGuard Weather Station Upgrade

New Optical Turbidity Sensor from Aanderaa

NF2021-N9 New Conductivity Sensor


Certificate of Achilles Qualification

Antifouling experiments at the Koljoefjord observatory

Application Notes

Aquaculture Pens in Tasmania, Australia

Modeled & measured currents & oxygen in tropical water aquaculture

Barnakil, A Comprehensive Solution to the Biofouling Problem in Marine Waters

Aanderaa DataStudio3D

Autonomous bottom landers - Study processes at the seafloor by incubation technique

Technical Notes

MOTUS Stand-Alone: MOTUS Buoy Integration Consideratons

Oxygen AirSaturation Calculator

Oxygen Optode Calculations

Articles & Papers

Best practices — Aanderaa Oxygen Optodes


MOTUS Wave Sensor 5729

SeaGuard II Platform

Oxygen Optode 4531

Doppler Current Profiler Sensor, DCPS

Theoretical Primer DCPS

Data Studio 3D

In-line DCS 5800/5810


MOTUS presentation

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