Gauge length 40 mm
Rated range ± 10µm (corresponding to o 50 N/mm2 at E = 200 000 N/mm2).
Permissible overload 10 times rated range
Requisite force 6N/µm
Normal sensor frequency 1600 Hz
Sensitivity 16-20 Hz/µm
Error Less than ± 1% of rated range (linearity, hysteresis and repeatability). Error is less at lower ranges.
Resolution Better than 0.01% of rated range.
Zero point stability Better than ± 0.5% of rated range per month.
(At constant ambient temperature, measured 3 weeks after
mounting. Valid 5 min. after connection to the electronics).
Temperature stability Better than ± 0.03%/°C of rated range for a = 11.5 * 10-6/°C
(a = thermal expansion coeff. of specimen)
Temperature range -30°C to + 80°C.

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