• SeaGuard RCM SW - Depth rating max 300m
  • SeaGuard RCM IW - Depth rating max 3000m
  • SeaGuard RCM DW - Depth rating max 6000m

Each platform may be equipped with a wide range of optional smart sensors, such as temperature, conductivity, pressure, turbidity and oxygen. Different mooring and battery solutions are also available.

Data & Specification Sheets

SEAGUARD® Platform

SEAGUARD® Recording Current Meter

ZPulse® Doppler Current Sensor 4420

Test Unit 5048


DCS Applications

GeoView web based display

Complete Monitoring Solutions

Offshore Oil and Gas

News & Press Releases

SeaGuard IW goes deeper!


New products and product news June 2015

Certificate of Qualification

Aanderaa 50th anniversary timeline

SeaGuard with pCO2 at 2500m

Antifouling experiments at the Koljoefjord observatory

Final field work in wind platform project in the Baltic Sea

Showcasing MOTUS at OI-2018

Newsflash Oceanology International 2018

SeaGuard records 1014 days of data at Hawaiian deep-water coral site

Monitoring World War II chemical dump sites

Five generations of instruments in service

Coral reef monitoring in the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park, Singapore

Application Notes

Multiparameters observations for coastal monitoring

Barnakil, A Comprehensive Solution to the Biofouling Problem in Marine Waters

Aanderaa DataStudio3D

Articles & Papers

SeaGuard Current Meters Case Study

Kolje Fjord Observatory - YSI EXO2 and AADI SeaGuard

The incredible adventure of the UNCW lander

Fugro GEOS talks about SeaGuard RCM

Performance of a SEAGUARD® RCM on a test mooring off the Nova Scotian shelf

Measuring currents in demanding environments - SEAGUARD RCM

Four Current Meter models compared in strong currents

SeaGuardII DCP Wave white paper



Conductivity Sensor 4319


Glider payload sensors

Safeport: on-board visualization of hydro-meteorological effects on ferries - Port of Gdynia, Poland

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