Profiling Current Meter

The Aanderaa Doppler Current Profiler Sensor (DCPS) which is also known as an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) is a 600 kHz profiler with a range of 30-110 m. It is available as a stand-alone current meter and complete instrument. The profiler has configuration for:

  • Upward or downward use.
  • User selectable broadband/narrow band
  • Parallel columns referenced to the surface and instrument simultaneously
  • Surface current measurements
  • Directional waves
  • Unique ability to collect high quality current information on moving and tilting moorings/buoys
  • Used as stand-alone or with a SeaGuardII multiparameter Platform.

The ADCP can be used with any third party logger capable of reading serial Rs232 and/or Rs422. This is a stand-alone unit stripped to remove overhead of datalogger if not needed.

SeaGuardII DCP is the latest generation of multiparameter instruments from Aanderaa combining current profiling with other ocean parameters. It has the capacity to serve as an underwater observatory.

Single-Point Current Meter

The SeaGuard platform combined with a suite of Aanderaa Smart Sensors offers large flexibility to adapt the instrument for different missions. Sensors can be plug-and-play added as desired on to the top plate of the instrument or cable connected or included in sensor strings. Analog and serial ports also makes it possible to add sensors from other manufacturers.

One software, the Real Time collector, is used to communicate and set-up all Aanderaa platforms and smart sensors.

Collected data is plotted and analyzed using the 3D-studio software and if the instruments are used on-line the GeoView or the new Hydrosphere software are often selected for real-time presentation of the measurements and for database storage.

For shallow water applications we offer the RCM-Blue an affordable, 300m rated, current meter with exceptional autonomy and Blue Tooth communication for set up and data download.

To learn more about these instruments, ocean water currents and their abilities please look at the video of a yearly service of two SeaGuard instruments used for coastal monitoring.

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