Operating frequency:

Depth rated:
300m, 3000m, 4500m, 6000m

  • Extendable platform; easy connection of additional sensors
  • Exceptional compensation for environment interference
Optimal flexibility with:
  • User selectable broadband or narrowband modes
  • Up to three configurations simultaneously
  • Surface current measurement (top cms layer)
  • Surface referred columns

Increased deployment:

  • Up to 2 years with a 30min sampling interval
  • Increased Data Quality Control
  • Enhanced real time functionality
Optional sensors:
  • Temperature 4060
  • Conductivity 5819
  • Wave and Tide 5217/5218 (accuracy +/- 0,01% FSO)
  • Pressure sensor 4117 (accuracy +/- 0,01% FSO)
  • Oxygen optode 4835/4330


  • 4 analog channels 0-5V
  • 2 serial channels (may be used either as serial sensor inputs or serial real-time outputs)

Data & Specification Sheets

Oxygen Sensor 4835

SeaGuardII DCP Wave

Optical Turbidity Sensor 4296

Conductivity Sensor 5819/5819R

SeaGuardII DCP

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SeaGuardII DCP

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Technical Notes

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Articles & Papers

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