Shallow Water X
Intermediate Water X
Deep Water X
Used with Seaguard or Smartguard: on top-end plate, on string or connected via cable. Output: AiCap X
RS-232 via cable X

Please Note: Temperature is also available as a second parameter from most of the other Aanderaa smart sensors. However the Temperature sensor is more accurate and has a faster response time.


Data & Specification Sheets

Temperature Sensor 4060/4060R



Aquaculture is our Business!

News & Press Releases


EOL106 Temperature

Certificate of Qualification

Aanderaa 50th anniversary timeline

Improved Marine Waters Monitoring in Bulgaria

Chemical Oceanography in the Arctic

Ocean observatory in Isfjorden Svalbard

Monitoring around World War II munition dump sites

Final field work in wind platform project in the Baltic Sea

Monitoring Japanese earthquake zones

Showcasing MOTUS at OI-2018

Newsflash Oceanology International 2018

Glider–Unmanned ocean vehicles: tools for the development of ocean industries

Oxygen Optodes Get Even Better

Monitoring World War II chemical dump sites

Coral reef monitoring in the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park, Singapore

Application Notes

Multiparameters observations for coastal monitoring

Koljoefjord observatory Coastal Circulation and Hypoxia

Carbon Capture and Storage

Surface Water Measurements from Mobile Platforms

Water Current Info at Helsingborg Harbour

Technical Notes

CSP explained

Articles & Papers

Use of technology for safer marine navigation, case study

Redfield ratio in real time from buoys

The Ocean takes a deep breath

Gas tables

Safeport: on-board visualization of hydro-meteorological effects on ferries - Port of Gdynia, Poland

Sailing the Baltic Sea


SEAGUARD® Platform


Oeresund marine environment - Benthic Quality Index

In-situ monitoring around wrecks and dump sites - Baltic/North Sea

Glider payload sensors

Real-time communication

Safeport: on-board visualization of hydro-meteorological effects on ferries - Port of Gdynia, Poland

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