Aanderaa has from the very beginning been known for its capability of supplying complex system solutions – often with a combination of submersible sensors and sensors in air, real time transfer of data via radio, GPRS or satellite and the data displayed on a single screen or via a web server.

The sensor platform may be a submersible data logger, a Current Meter or a Data Buoy on the surface.

The SmartGuard data logger is a versatile data logger that combines data from submersible sensors as well as sensors on land. The logger accepts different data formats from Aanderaa sensors as well as from sensors made by other suppliers.

Data & Specification Sheets

MOTUS Wave Sensor 5729

Advantages of SmartSub Observatory

Test Unit 5048 or DCS ZPulse

Puck Oxygen Optode 5730

SeaGuardII DCP Wave

SEAGUARD® O2 Oxygen Recorder

ZPulse® Doppler Current Sensor 4420

DB1750 Buoy Platform

Conductivity Sensor 5819/5819R

Tide Sensor 5217/5217R

Wave and Tide Sensor 5218/5218R

MOTUS Wave Height Sensor 6729

MOTUS Lite OEM Sensor 4729

Doppler Current Sensor Blue 5430

Conductivity Sensor 5990

SeaGuardII DCP

Doppler Current Profiler Sensor (DCPS) 5400/5402/5403

In-line DCS 4100


MOTUS Wave Buoys flyer


DCS Applications

Aanderaa Wave Solutions

SeaGuardII DCP Wave Flyer

Motus Stand-Alone flyer

Acoustic Doppler Current Meters in high fouling environments

AADI Real-Time Communication System

SeaGuardII DCP

Ocean and Coastal Monitoring Solutions

In-line Zpulse DCS

News & Press Releases

MOTUS Wave Buoys Exceed Expectations

Sea to Space with NASA: use Aquaoptodes in Photosynthetron

MOTUS passes the ultimate test

Monitoring Japanese earthquake zones

AquaNet—standardized infrastructure for Lake Mesocosm studies

SeaGuard records 1014 days of data at Hawaiian deep-water coral site

First MOTUS Wave Buoy deployment in the Mediterranean Sea

Flexible MOTUS Buoys chosen by major dredging operator

Mission Completed – MOTUS validation in open seas

Five generations of instruments in service

Coral reef monitoring in the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park, Singapore

Aqua sensor is best in test — recommended by The Linde Group

Sailbuoy World Tour - Update from Beijing

The ocean is losing its breath

Accurate directional waves with adaptive broadband - SeaGuardII DCP Wave

From the screaming '60s to a beach in South Africa

New Optical Turbidity Sensor from Aanderaa

NF2021-N9 New Conductivity Sensor

MOTUS Deployment in Deenish Island

New MOTUS Sensor Versions

Step Change in Oxygen Measurements

Artificial Cod Reef Project Aims to Get the Cod Back

EOL 111 Product Announcement Conductivity Sensor

Mineral Mining on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Virtual Free Live Sessions

Improved Marine Waters Monitoring in Bulgaria

EU Sheba Project

EU Sheba Project2

SeaGuards deployment in the Oeresund area, Sweden

Antifouling experiments at the Koljoefjord observatory

Monitoring around World War II munition dump sites

Application Notes

Surface Water Measurements from Mobile Platforms

Water Current Info at Helsingborg Harbour

Aquaculture Pens in Tasmania, Australia

Brazilian port chooses MOTUS Wave Buoy

Pressure sensors in subduction zones

Modeled & measured currents & oxygen in tropical water aquaculture

The Norwegian Coastal Administration ensures safe navigation

Barnakil, A Comprehensive Solution to the Biofouling Problem in Marine Waters

Aanderaa DataStudio3D

High Quality Currents from Surface and Bottom Platforms

OceanSensor - Mission Improved In-Situ Sensors

The Port Of Fujairah ensures safe navigation

Autonomous bottom landers - Study processes at the seafloor by incubation technique

Baltic Deep Water Life

Environmental impact of ship traffic: mixing and pollution spreading

Current and Wave Measurements from Autonomous Surface Platforms

Demo of Wireless DCS

Monitoring of earthquake-triggered turbidity currents in the Marmara Sea

Coastal Systems - Project Portfolio

Offshore wind power: Wind Turbine Platforms (Wind-Tu-Pla)

Technical Notes

MOTUS Stand-Alone: MOTUS Buoy Integration Consideratons

Oxygen AirSaturation Calculator

Calculator for TSS coefficients

Oxygen Optode Calculations

Windows Mobile Device Center(WMDC) replacement

Articles & Papers

Connecting Upper Ocean Dissolved Gas Measurements from Gliders and a Profiling Mooring

MOTUS Wave Buoys white paper

Best practices — Aanderaa Oxygen Optodes

MOTUS Wave Buoys white paper — Data validation

SeaGuardII DCP Wave white paper

Hypox article

Sailbuoy Ocean Currents

Seaguard® Current Meters Sensor Reliability and Data Quality from Tidal to Hadal 11000m

Directional wave measurements from navigational buoys

Kolje Fjord Observatory - YSI EXO2 and AADI SeaGuard

The incredible adventure of the UNCW lander

Mission Water - Mystery at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea

Mission Water # 10: Going to the Hadal

Effects of simulated natural and massive resuspension in Loch Creran, Scotland

Seasonal and interannual variations - Posidonia metabolism

Hyperbaric Fish incubator

Trends in marine dissolved oxygen

Productivity of a coral reef

New calibration equation for Oxygen Optodes

Oxygen Optodes on crab pots

Evaluation of a lifetime-based Oxygen Optode

Drilling into the Abyss


MOTUS Wave Sensor 5729_6729


TD266 ZPULSE DCS 4420-4830-4520-4930

RCM Blue

Conductivity Sensor 5819

Turbidity Sensor 4296

Oxygen Optode 4330, 4835 and 4831

Pressure 4117, Tide 5217, Wave and Tide 5218

SeaGuard II Platform

Oxygen Optode 4531

Doppler Current Profiler Sensor (DCPS)

Theoretical Primer DCPS

Data Studio 3D

In-line DCS 5800/5810


MOTUS presentation

Accurate Wave Measurement Guide

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