MOTUS Directional Wave Buoys

Collect reliable environmental data with MOTUS Wave Buoy

The MOTUS (movement in Latin) Wave Buoy is a perfect solution for collecting environmental data in coastal areas. The platform used for collecting data is the robust MOTUS buoy which has proven to be an excellent platform for providing high accuracy and reliable meteorological and oceanographic data. The MOTUS Wave Buoy can effectively combine various Hydrological and Meteorological parameters. Basic parameters as wind, waves and currents can easily be expanded to include sensor packages with different water quality sensors. Data is controlled and synchronized by the data management systems that Xylem Analytics offers which also controls and powers the real time communication. This provides a low power efficient system offering long-term deployment capabilities.

The MOTUS Wave Buoy combines the ultra-low power and field proven solutions we have from developing oceanographic and water quality sensors, as well as 60 years of experience operating in AtoN to provide you with an optimal platform based on the SB 138P buoy, a rugged lightweight polyethylene buoy deployed in more than 40 countries all over the world. By selecting Xylem as your partner in your projects, you are on track for the lowest overall cost of ownership and a versatile platform that can be tailored to your needs. The MOTUS Wave Buoy is developed for both scientific and commercial use.

SeaGuardII DCP Wave

The SeaGuardII DCP Wave is a 600kHz Doppler Current Profiler able to measure directional wave parameters and currents from a bottom mounted installation. The Acoustic Wave software 5759 used by the DCPS implements unique features to improve the wave measurement accuracy by optimizing the signal to noise ratio.

  • Maximum deployment depth is 40m in normal scatter conditions.
  • Available as a self-recording instrument, it is easily integrable into a real-time system offering reliable two-way communication.
  • Redundant wave measurement for QA/QC can be implemented by adding the wave and tide sensor 5218.

Simple solution to measure waves, currents and water quality in one instrument

  • Independent measurement of waves and currents
  • Field validated data-comparison with MOTUS buoy, Datawell Waverider and pressure based non directional wave sensor
  • Measures wave from centimetres to 20 meters
  • 2Hz or 4Hz wave sampling
  • Processing of up to three columns in parallel, provides flexible setup with both surface referred and bottom referred cells.

Adaptive pulse technology automatically optimizes wave measurement accuracy
The transmission pulse is automatically adapted to the current sea conditions to provide best measurement achievable; a low noise broadband mode is used for smaller waves, an extended range broadband mode used for medium range waves and a narrowband mode is applied for higher waves.

Wave and Tide Sensor

The Wave and Tide Sensor is a compact fully integrated sensor for measuring wave and tide conditions.

The 5218 sensor is designed to be mounted on the Aanderaa SeaGuard top-end plate or connected to SmartGuard using AiCaP CANbus or in other measurement systems using the RS-232 interface.

The 5218R sensor is designed for use with long cables by means of RS-422 full duplex interface.

5218/5218R is based on a silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor.

The pressure measurements are sampled and temperature compensated by an advanced Digital Signal Processor. The sensor application areas are in fixed installations, either deployed in a seabed installation in shallow waters, or mounted onto a fixed structure in the upper water column.

The tide measurement is an average of the hydrostatic pressure measured over a time period of 10 seconds to 8 minutes (integration time configurable by the user). The update interval is between 1 second and 255 minutes.

The wave measurements are based on the pressure time series measured over a time period of 64 second to 17 minutes (configurable by the user). The update interval is between 1 second and 255 minutes.

The wave and tide sensor output parameters are:

Since all calibration and temperature compensation data are stored inside the sensor, the parameters are by default presented directly in engineering units without any external calculation. The sensor also provides raw data of the pressure and the temperature measurements.

5218 is a compact yet intelligent sensor designed to be used with Aanderaa SmartGuard or SeaGuard as well as in other measuring systems.

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