Data & Specification Sheets

MOTUS Wave Sensor 5729

Analog Converter 3927

Mipeg X

Wave and Tide Sensor 5218/5218R

Conductivity Sensor 5990

SeaGuardII DCP

Doppler Current Profiler Sensor (DCPS) 5400/5402/5403

In-line DCS 4100


Mipeg X brochure

Mipeg X flyer

Aanderaa Wave Solutions

SeaGuardII DCP Wave Flyer

Mipeg X Compact

Sensor systems for oil & gas

SeaGuardII DCP

News & Press Releases

MOTUS Wave Buoys Exceed Expectations

Sea to Space with NASA: use Aquaoptodes in Photosynthetron

MOTUS passes the ultimate test

Monitoring Japanese earthquake zones

AquaNet—standardized infrastructure for Lake Mesocosm studies

SeaGuard records 1014 days of data at Hawaiian deep-water coral site

Xylem flytter arbeidsplasser til Bergen

First MOTUS Wave Buoy deployment in the Mediterranean Sea

Flexible MOTUS Buoys chosen by major dredging operator

Mission Completed – MOTUS validation in open seas

Five generations of instruments in service

Sailbuoy World Tour - Update from Beijing

Mipeg X - Reaching the limit

New feature from Mipeg X

Slew Operation Limiter (OLM) - Where do I put the load down

Mipeg 2000 Replacement Kit

The Mipeg X Crane Engine Monitoring Annunciator Panel

Application Notes

Surface Water Measurements from Mobile Platforms

Reference Project - field monitoring

Reference Project - Gulf of Mexico

Reference Project - Pre-development survey

Reference Project - Winch system

Offshore wind power: Wind Turbine Platforms (Wind-Tu-Pla)

Technical Notes

MOTUS Stand-Alone: MOTUS Buoy Integration Consideratons

Articles & Papers

MOTUS Wave Buoys white paper

MOTUS Wave Buoys white paper — Data validation

Safe Reach Indicator

Hyperbaric Fish incubator

Trends in marine dissolved oxygen

Productivity of a coral reef

New calibration equation for Oxygen Optodes

Oxygen Optodes on crab pots

Evaluation of a lifetime-based Oxygen Optode

Drilling into the Abyss


TD266 ZPULSE DCS 4420-4830-4520-4930

Pressure 4117, Tide 5217, Wave and Tide 5218

Theoretical Primer DCPS


MOTUS presentation

Accurate Wave Measurement Guide

Mipeg user reference list

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